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Evergreen students can audit classes that are being held remotely at a scheduled date and time. Courses that are held online only do not qualify for Evergreen students.

How to Audit a Class

The Evergreen program offers a unique opportunity to audit BU undergraduate and graduate classes. Engage with the student community, learn from world-class faculty, and contribute to the educational environment on campus. Your presence in the classroom enriches the learning experience for everyone—our younger students are exposed to the insight of experience, and you benefit from new perspectives.

General Information

  • Summer 2020 is offered in two terms.  Summer 1 is held from May 20 – July 1 and Summer 2 is held from July 6 – August 14.  The last day to add classes for Summer 1 is Wednesday, May 27 and for Summer 2 is Friday, July 10.  Enrollment deadlines are firm. (see entire Academic Year)
  • Eligibility to audit: 58 years of age or older and consent of instructor
  • Cost: $235 (Full), $215 (Alumni), $120 (Retired BU) per for a Learning Passport for the Summer 
  • Evergreen students are responsible for any course related fees, such as applied music, technology, or lab fees, etc.
  • Please note, occasionally, students will not be able to audit a class, even with the permission of the professor due to a seating capacity being reached.  If the class is closed due to enrollment capacity being reached, Evergreen students will not be added.  In addition, with remote courses, some instructors may opt not to invite Evergreen students at this time.  Exceptions cannot be made, and your understanding is appreciated.
  • Summer 2 - Enrollment status and recommendations for Evergreen Students (Updated July 2, 2020).
  • Helpful information about enrolling in Evergreen classes on our website is available here.  

Getting Started

  1. Choose a Class

    • Review all course offerings by College.
    • Select a course by visiting the online course schedule. Search by category, instructor, location, or just browse all available courses.
    • Search for classes by keywords in the Course Description Search.
    • Auditors are not accepted in courses offered through: CPE, ENG, GMS, HUB, KHC, LAW, MED, PDP, SDM, SPH; any creative writing courses; any Food & Wine courses; any non-credit certificate courses; any online courses; any film production courses.
    • Please respect a professor's decision not to welcome an Evergreen student into a class.  The class' pedagogy may not be structured to allow for auditing Evergreen students.
  2. Register to Audit - Summer 2020 Remote Classes

    • The registration for Summer 2020 will be handled remotely.  The procedures are different than in previous semesters.
    • Registering for classes
      • Part 1:  Register for Evergreen Intent to Audit online.  This lets us know that you plan to audit a course.  It does not enroll you in any classes.
        • Under payment, mark "Evergreen Passport" indicating that you already have one, either purchased in September or January.  
        • If you do not have an Evergreen Passport, then purchase one, preferably before submitting the Evergreen Intent to Audit form.
      • Part 2:  Email with the following information.
        • Subject line:  Summer Course Approval/Your Name
        • College, Course, Course Number, Section, Instructor, Name of Course, e..g., MET CS 101 B1 Sheehan Computers and Their Applications (missing information will cause delays)
        • Approval from the instructor for you to audit the course, e.g., a forwarded email
        • Include your full name  and BUID with the emails.
        • The more complete the information, the more efficiently we can process everything.
      • NOTE:  Submitting the a paper version of the Evergreen Registration form is not recommended.  CPE cannot guarantee that we will receive it in time, and the registration deadlines for Summer Term are very tight.  Scanned copies emailed to - legibly written without credit card information -is an alternative.

Summer 1 is held from Wednesday, May 20 – Wednesday, July 1.  The last day to add classes is Wednesday, May 27.

 Summer 2 is held from Monday, July 6 – Friday, August 14.  The last day to add classes is Friday, July 10.

No registrations will be accepted after the last day of the registration period.

After Registering to Audit a Course

  1. Confirmation

    • The Evergreen office will email you a confirmation indicating that we have begun processing your paperwork, usually within two business days.
    • The University Registrar will email a confirmation of enrollment in your class.
    • Ask your professor to add you to the Blackboard class using your BU username.
  2. BU ID#

    • New students will be assigned a BU ID# which will be included in your registration confirmation email from the Evergreen Office
    • Returning students will use the same BU ID# that you have already been assigned; this will be included in your registration confirmation email from Evergreen Office

BUID Card 

  • The issuing of BUID Cards may be suspended.  For questions regarding your BU ID card, please contact the Terrier Card Office at 617-353-9966.  
  • You can get a new BU ID card at the Terrier Card Office, 775 Commonwealth Ave Lower Level.  If you need a replacement card, there will be a charge.
  • Please bring your registration confirmation email and BU ID# with you.

BU Login Name/Password

  • In person assistance may be suspended.  Contact IS&T for further information.
  • To set up a BU login name and Kerberos password, visit the IT Help Center at either 179 Amory Street on West Campus or 771 Commonwealth Avenue at the Mugar Library.

Blackboard Learn

  • Many faculty use Blackboard Learn for class notes and assignments. If your class uses Blackboard Learn, once registered, your name will appear on a class list generated by the University Registrar.  Your professor will need to add you to the class, once you are enrolled by the Registrar. 
  • For more information regarding access to Blackboard Learn check IS&T’s documentation on Blackboard Learn for students. Please note that it may take 1-2 weeks following registration to gain access to Blackboard Learn due to the high volume of registrations being processed through the Registrar's Office. 
  • The IT Help Center will answer any questions you have concerning your BU Kerberos account or Blackboard course site. You can reach them by e-mail at or by phone at 353-HELP (4357).

Class Schedules

  • To find course schedules, visit the Office of the University Registrar.
  • Click on “Registration”, then choose “Class Schedule”.
  • Enter the semester, then the course #, for example, “CAS WS 114,” or browse by subject.
  • Click on “GO.” You will see a list of course numbers and times; click on the course number to have the description pop up.

Changes to Your Class Schedule (Adding/Dropping Classes)

  • You may add classes after your initial registration. However, all audited courses must be added before the deadline. To drop a class you have registered for, you must do this through the Evergreen Office at 617-358-1350 or

BU Directory

  • You may search for faculty and departments names in the BU Directory. To reach the University operator, call 617-353-2000.

Sexual Assault Prevention Course (required)

Each semester, Boston University (BU) requires new students to take a sexual misconduct course because we care about student well-being and are committed to maintaining a respectful and healthy community.  

Emails will be sent to all registrants, including Evergreen students, from BU Wellness & Prevention Services and Guidance will be given to complete a Sexual Assault Prevention course by the due date. It’s important for our entire BU community to be educated on this topic.

BU Evergreen students in undergraduate-level classes should:

BU Evergreen students in
graduate-level classes should: 

You can find more information about the Sexual Assault Prevention course requirement on Wellness & Prevention Services’ website

Having technical issues?  Go to the website

If you have a concern about completing the online course due to its content, or any other questions, please contact Wellness & Prevention Services at


Evergreen students receive parking privileges at several Boston University parking lots.

  • On campus parking may be suspended.  Contact Parking Services for assistance.
  • Bring a photo ID, vehicle registration, and confirmation of your course or seminar registration to BU Parking & Transportation Services (1019 Commonwealth Ave.)
  • Ask for the “black” parking permit for students (rates vary by lot), or for information on the BU handicapped parking pass for students with state-issued handicapped placards

Questions about parking at BU? Please call 617-353-2160 or visit the BU Parking & Transportation Services, also review the map of campus.

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