Course Description

This course will begin with an orientation on the first day of class at 9:00am in EPC - Engineering Product Innovation Center (750 Commonwealth Ave.).

Introduction to Communication and Written Translation is a foundational, preparatory course. Because students in this program come from a wide variety of different backgrounds, most have not studied language at the university level. Therefore, this course introduces the study of language and the theory of translation. Through reading, exercises, seminar-style exchanges, and lectures, students become aware of, and grow in their appreciation of, comparative linguistics and other topics. They learn how to identify and conserve meaning, and how to produce high-quality target-language speech and texts. This course is both theoretical and practical. As they participate in this class and do the exercises, students realize where their weaknesses lie and what they must do to improve. Most importantly, after this foundational course they understand the basics and are much more ready to begin practical study of interpreting. (48 hours)


Applies Towards the Following Certificates


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