Course Description

This course explores the securities market, sources of information, risk/return, debt and equities, stocks, bonds, options, futures, and security analysis, and culminates in portfolio construction and analysis. You will learn how to evaluate different asset classes for different investment objectives, and determine their suitability for investors considering investment goals, time horizons, risk tolerance, and tax situations. Quantitative investment concepts, investment theories and strategies, and asset pricing models are also examined.

Modules included in this course:

  • Introduction to Stocks
  • Introduction to Fixed Income Securities
  • Introduction to Pooled Investments
  • Investment Risks
  • Buying and Selling Securities
  • Measures of Investment Returns
  • Portfolio Management and Measurements
  • Formula Investing and Investment Strategies
  • Asset Allocation and Portfolio Diversification
  • Efficient Market Theory (EMT)
  • Asset Pricing Models
  • Time Influence on Valuation
  • Valuation of Stocks and Bonds
  • Futures and Option Strategies
  • Alternative Investments
  • Taxation of Investment Vehicles

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