Academic Expectations and Grade Requirements

Boston University’s Center for Professional Education (CPE) offers only non-credit, non-degree programs.  Boston University expects students to approach their coursework and studies with the same level of professionalism and integrity that each program’s industry demands. Students must also meet the academic demands necessary to appropriately recognize each student for their own original work.  There are decisions made within CPE’s academic setting that will be similar to those made within the professional environment where the knowledge gained from the coursework will be applied.  Our instructors, likewise, adhere to a high professional standard to evaluate each student’s coursework and performance within the context of the course and the industry with the intent of providing a supportive and just learning environment.

All courses are academically rigorous with grading standards that must be met to earn a certificate from Boston University.  Students are required to earn a minimum grade of C (2.0 or 73) in each component of a course or program and an overall course or program minimum grade of B- (2.7 or 80).  Students have one month from the end of the course to complete the work in coordination with the course instructor. If a student fails to complete the work after one month, the "I" grade will automatically convert to an "F."

Students must complete all coursework within the time-period for which they are enrolled. At the end of the course or program students will receive a composite letter grade on a grade report. The composite grade only be on the grade report and transcript. We do not archive any of the assignment grades.


Each class at the Center for Professional Education has class hours associated with it whichs appear on a transcript.  Continuing Education Units (CEUs) may be acceptable to an outside agency based on these hours as credit toward the agency’s own guidelines.  Traditionally, each hour in class equals 10% of a CEU, e.g., a class that is 30 hours long would equal 3 CEUs.


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