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Boston University continues to teach courses in a variety of formats for its students, and we are pleased to be able to offer the audit option to the Evergreen students again.  Evergreen students may choose one fully-remote synchronous course to audit this spring.  There are more than 1,400 classes designated as “not in person” (download a searchable Excel file or multi-page PDF of NIP 320 classes) that are on the list.  Information about the class content is available here.

Registering for EVA101-006 Intent to Audit lets the Evergreen Office know that you intend to audit and NIP 320 class, and that you will be submitting approval from the faculty member teaching the course to audit.  Between January 25 – February 5, the Add period, Evergreen students will be enrolled in the open NIP 320 class of their choice.

At this time, we are offering the Evergreen Passport in a special format.  The cost for the Passport is $240 for an individual, $220 for BU alumni, and $120 for BU faculty/staff retirees.  The Spring Passport can be used for Summer Term to audit one class in each term.  It also includes the cost of the Evergreen Seminars that are offered each term (enrollment required).  If you qualify for a discount, contact our office and we will process a refund after payment is received.

CPE/Evergreen staff is working remotely at this time.  You can reach us at evergrn@bu.edu or 617-358-1350.  No in-person assistance is available.

Five Online Steps to Audit a BU Course through Evergreen

  1. Enroll in EVA101-006 Intent to Audit.
    1. Enrolling in and paying for EVA101-006 alerts us that you plan to audit a BU NIP 320 course as an Evergreen student. This is not confirmation of the actual audit enrollment (See #4 below).
    2. Payment is made online when you register for EVA101-006. If you qualify for a discount send an email to us, and we will apply a refund. 
  2. Review the list of NIP 320 remote classes (download a searchable Excel file or multi-page PDF of NIP 320 classes).  Select one that interests you and email the instructor for permission to audit. You can find instructor information in the BU Directory.
  3. Forward the instructor’s approval via email to the CPE/Evergreen office. To ensure that we can process your registration efficiently, follow these steps:
    1. Change email subject line to “Evergreen Audit Approval.”
    2. In the text, include your full name and all course information: College, Department, Course Number, Section, Instructor, Name of Course (e.g., MET CS 101 B1, Sheehan, Computers and Their Applications).
  4. Between January 25 and February 5, we will enroll you in your approved course on a space-available basis.  We will send an email to you to confirm the status of being added (or not).  This may take a couple of days due to the volume of work in the departments.
  5. Let your instructor know that you have been enrolled in their course by the Office of the University Registrar (OUR) so they can add you to their Blackboard course and provide access to the necessary resources. Include your Boston University Kerberos/username.
    1. If this is the first time you have enrolled in an Evergreen class, you will need to create a BU account.  Details and a link will be provided with the confirmation email that confirms the class you chose to audit.
    2. The name and password that you use for Blackboard is separate from the one that you will be using to access your records at CPE/Evergreen. Your account at CPE includes your enrollment and payment history, and a link to Blackboard. 
    3. If you need technical help, please reach out to IS&T at 617-353-4357 (3-HELP) or email ithelp@bu.edu for additional assistance.

The following BU colleges, programs, and courses do not permit auditing by Evergreen students: ENG, GMS, KHC, LAW, MED, SDM, SPH; Center for Professional Education; Programs in Food & Wine; any non-credit certificate or PDP courses; any HUB courses; any online courses; any creative writing or film production courses.


Enroll Now - Select a section to enroll in

Section Title
Evergreen Intent to Audit Spring 2021
Evergreen Passport
Jan 25, 2021 to May 08, 2021
Delivery Options
Course Fee(s)
Evergreen Audit non-credit $240.00
Reading List / Textbook

Textbooks can be ordered through the BU Bookstore. Shipping can be arranged.  It is recommended that students wait until they are confirmed to be enrolled in the class before purchasing the textbook.

Section Notes

Students enrolling in EVA101-006 plan to audit one NIP 320 course in the Spring 2021 semester pending instructor approval and space in the class during the Add Period between January 25 - February 5.

The cost for the Passport is $240 for an individual, $220 for BU alumni, and $120 for BU faculty/staff retirees.  If you qualify for a discount, contact our office and we will process a refund after payment is received

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