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Auditing a class brings students 58+ back into the classroom with undergraduate and graduate students who are pursuing their degrees in a variety of areas. Evergreen students are expected to be engaged in the course but should not submit assignments, take tests, or complete evaluations.*

There are three parts to auditing classes at Boston University that can be done in any order. If there is space in the class you have been approved to take, you’ll be enrolled in it during the Add period between (Summer 1:  EVA101-019, May 21 - 28,2024 Summer 2:  EVA101-020, July 1 - July 8, 2024).

  • Register* for EVA101 Intent to Audit with your Evergreen/CPE account to let the Evergreen Office know that you wish to audit courses for the term. 



BU Alumni

BU Retiree Faculty & Staff

Fall Passport (Includes seminars, pre-registration required, valid through August 2024)




Spring Passport(Includes seminars, pre-registration required, valid through August 2024)




Summer Passport (Includes seminars, pre-registration required, valid through August 2024. Single Audit option not available in Summer)




Fall & Spring Audit – Single class




Seminar Passport (Available Fall only, valid through August 2024)




Seminar – individually priced

Varies – no discount

Varies – no discount

Varies – no discount

    • Everyone taking classes on campus must provide their Emergency Contact information. When enrolling in EVA101 be sure to provide this information on My Profile -> Emergency Contact in your Evergreen/CPE account.
    • The Intent to Audit form is not confirmation of the actual audit enrollment. You will receive a confirmation email from the Evergreen Office once the enrollment in the course is competed during the Add period (Summer 1:  EVA101-019, May 21 - 28,2024 Summer 2:  EVA101-020, July 1 - July 8, 2024), if space is available.
    • Class capacity – enrollments can only be made to classes that have open seats during the Add period
  • Search for a class that interests you, matches your schedule, and, in some classes, where you meet the prerequisites. The links and tutorials to do this are on the Evergreen home page. Auditing is not permitted in the following courses: CPE, ENG, GMS, HUB, KHC, LAW, MED, PDP, SDM, SPH; creative writing; Food & Wine courses; any non-credit certificate courses; any online courses; any film production courses; any CFA courses not open to BU Public; CFA AR courses. Instructors may also choose to limit enrollment.
  • Get approval from the instructor to audit.
    • Contact the instructor via email asking for approval.  You can find their email address on the BU Directory.
    • Forward the email with the approval to evergrn@bu.edu. Change email subject line to “Evergreen Audit Approval”. In the text, include your full name and all course information: College, Department, Course Number, Section, Instructor, Name of Course (e.g., MET CS 101 B1, Sheehan, Computers and Their Applications). Incomplete information will cause delays.
  • Foward the approval email and do not include attachments.  
  • You will receive an email from our office during the Add period updating you on the status to audit in the requested class. 

Contact Us at evergrn@bu.edu or 617-358-1350 for assistance.

*If you have participated in Evergreen since July 2019, you already have an account based on your email address as your username (which may be different from your BU account). Login at Evergreen/CPE as a Returning Student. Do not create a new account. If you need help, contact us.

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Section Title
Evergreen Intent to Audit Summer 2024
Jul 01, 2024 to Aug 09, 2024
Delivery Options
Reading List / Textbook

Textbooks can be ordered through the BU Bookstore. Shipping can be arranged.  It is recommended that students wait until they are confirmed to be enrolled in the class before purchasing the textbook.

Section Notes

Enrolling in EVA101 Intent to Audit includes:

  • Letting the Evergreen Office know that you intend to audit a class(es) at Boston University.

  • Obtaining instructor approval to audit a class based on space availability during the Add Period (EVA101-020 from July 1 - July 8, 2024).

  • Confirming payment. Passports are valid annually through Summer Term 2024, and they include up to five classes a semester and seminars (registration required). If you purchased a Passport, in the future, you will mark "I have a Passport Already" at checkout for future audits and seminars through August 2024.

  • Providing Emergency Contact information each semester. Update in your Evergreen/CPE account in My Profile -> Emergency Contact in your CPE account.

  • Abiding by Boston University established codes of conduct and health guidelines.

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